Be in Crypto: Advisor to the CMO (1)
Be in Crypto: Advisor to the CMO (1)

Be in Crypto: Advisor to the CMO (1)

Cover letter by Adam Killam

Hello! My name is Adam Killam and I’m writing to express my interest in the Advisor to the CMO role at Be In Crypto.

*Quick 1:14 minute video I shot for you to put a face to a name 😃

I believe I would be an excellent advisor to Be in Crypto’s CMO, as I have been in the CMO, VP Marketing, and VP Business Development roles and have had a long career in digital marketing.

I love the brand you have built so far and the fact that there is so much room to continue growing it, especially given the new signs of the most recent crypto bull run.

When looking at the requirements for this role, I check off most if not all of what you are looking for. I’ve worked for years in the agency world as part of a remote team, have crypto industry experience (first marketing hire at a crypto startup), and have a digital marketing background with a dash of sales thrown in for good measure.

A quick story that most of your other candidates would not be able to tell…

2017 was the year I began dabbling in crypto when I began buying ETH and BTC.

Later on in 2021 I began mining ETH in order to learn more about crypto, despite knowing that ETH would switch to Proof-of-Stake in the near future. It was a fun ride while it lasted!

I also dabbled in DeFi for a period of time, learning the basics of liquidity mining and yield farming before deciding that I wanted to work in the industry so I could continue to learn.

In 2021, I saw the opportunity to pair blockchain with a drone SaaS called Spexi. Spexi was a client of mine and had hired me to develop a Go to Market Strategy for them. At the end of the project, I pitched them on the idea of pairing blockchain with their drone SaaS to create the first of its kind, Fly-to-Earn drone imagery platform powered by blockchain.

This platform became known as Spexigon, and I helped the company secure a $5.5 million dollar seed round from Blockchange, Protocol Labs, Alliance DAO and other crypto investors in order to launch it.

In my role as the VP of Marketing, and later CMO, I developed the Spexigon brand (with an outside agency), launched the website, and bootstrapped Spexigon’s pilot community from 0 to 400+ active members (and growing), and waitlisted 1000+ local drone pilots in Spexigon’s home city of Vancouver, where it launched. I did this using a combination of content and paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and TikTok plus email marketing and engagement in the Spexigon Discord community.

My current interest is to continue working in crypto, with a team that moves fast, shares my passion for the industry, and believes in continuous learning and growth while doing its part to build great products and experiences for people.

A highlight of skills, attributes and experience I would bring to this role:

  • Direct crypto experience as the first marketing hire of a blockchain (DePIN) startup: In addition to buying crypto since 2017, I also mined ETH, delved into DeFi (liquidity mining and yield farming), and have used Terra (oops), Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Polygon, and other L1’s and L2’s for years now. (I even own a few NFTs ;) )
  • In addition to holding marketing leadership roles at the VP and C level in the agency world and within a crypto startup, I have also operated for years as a freelance consultant to startups, brands, and SMBs. This gives me both depth and breadth in terms of the audiences I have marketed and sold to (B2B and B2C).
  • Have personally managed media buying budgets of up to $150,000 a month, including writing ads, and managing and optimizing campaigns (Facebook ads).
  • Have also closed leads and opened new agency accounts to the tune of $2.4 million a year ARR or more. I was able to do this because I am adept at understanding a brand’s needs and know how to build relationships prior to a sale.
  • Have developed marketing campaigns and Go to Market Strategies that have generated leads, sales, and traction for a number of companies.
  • I also have strong copywriting skills and insight into speaking to consumer and business audiences with copy and video in ways that resonate with them.
  • I am excellent at connecting with people face to face and over video and have used this skill to operate as part of a remote agency team as their Director of Business Development and as a remote media buyer. This skill will serve your goal of “establishing strong relationships with industry leaders” well.

I would love to join the team at Be In Crypto to help you continue building “a formidable brand that appeals to the largest companies”.


Adam Killam

PS: you can find me on Twitter here or Linkedin here.